A place in waiting

Sometimes I pass a building, or walk among some trees, or down a busy street, or glimpse something from the window of a train or a car, or notice a place when I’m on the way to somewhere else, and I know that at some point I’m going to write about it. It may be the scene where something particular happens, it may be a building where someone lives, or have some history which affects my characters.

Sometimes these places don’t appear for a very long time, or they subtly change from the actual to the imaginary.

DSCF2513This house in Portishead, which has floors beneath on the other side, built on a hill, was going to have featured in my Radwinter stories… so far it hasn’t…

DSCF6502What is behind this door… maybe I will reveal the story of what is within sometime…

SCOTNEY (52)What happened in the boathouse? What secrets does it hide?

On holiday in the Netherlands with our friends we went to see an abandoned swimming pool… For some reason I thought it was a natural pool where people swam – maybe wild swimming has been on my mind recently… but it was an actual outside pool, once popular with families, now filled in and the changing rooms used for what looked like an outdoor activity centre. There was a pool, though, a small lake really, and I know that part of it will feature in a story one day. I feel like a location finder for a film company, except it’s for the stories I’m going to write, not the films I’m going to make!

NISTELRODE POND (7)Beautiful lilies on the surface, but what is beneath?

NISTELRODE POND (22)Looking at water through trees, the reflections hiding what’s in the water… but what is that thing in the middle at the bottom, poking up?

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