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Yesterday we went to Bicton Park Botanical Gardens situated in the beautiful otter valley, through which runs the River Otter, whose waters make Otter beer! We went to this lovely place in Devon for a reunion with my husband’s old school chums – and some of them were very old, but very lively and interesting to talk to. We actually met at beautiful Bicton House, and had a wonderful lunch there, but before the meal,  he and I wandered round the lovely gardens and grounds and then went into the little Countryside MuseumVintage which as well as agricultural and country items, houses the Reg Imry collection.

Reg Imray, born in 1911, has been deaf since birth but has always been fascinated by cars and motorbikes; since he was 19, he has built up an amazing collection of more than forty classic cars and bikes, and we saw just some of them are on display the  Country Life Museum.

Reg fell in love with  motorbikes began when he was only eight years old; a rather cruel teacher told him he’d never be able to have his own  motorbike because he was deaf. This made Reg determined to prove him wrong and he first had one when he was nineteen. During the war, Reg hoped to become a pilot and it was his dream to fly a Spitfires; however, due to his deafness this wasn’t possible and he worked in a factory making de Havilland Mosquitos aircraft.

Reg went on to  own over 168 vehicles since that first BSA when he was nineteen.. He raced at Silverstone, was a speedway rider and has travelled the world, winning over 200 trophies for his classic car and motorcycle collection.

Well done Reg!


To find out more about Reg, have a look at this:


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