Recently we visited the National Memorial Arboretum, in Staffordshire; it is a memorial set in beautiful parkland  and commemorates with over 300 memorials not only the armed forces, but also civilian and voluntary organisations, the members of which have served the country. There are all sorts of tributes, and it is a wonderful way to remember and honour the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as those whose lives were affected or blighted by conflict.

One of the most moving areas, is the Shot at Dawn Memorial; it serves to remember the 306 British Army and Commonwealth soldiers who were executed by firing squad after courts-martial for desertion and other capital offences during World War I. it is very simple, but its simplicity makes it all the more moving. The Arboretum was created in 2001, and the Shot at Dawn Memorial was unveiled by the daughter of one of the men executed.

P1040621This statue was based on an actual soldier who was shot; Private Herbert Burden lied about his age to enlist at the age of seventeen, and was shot in 1915.P1040624Each post bears the name, age and date of death of one of those who were shot.


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