More from that post industrial wasteland…

Apex park, in Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, was for over a hundred and fifty years, a noisy, smokey, dirty, clay and brick works. Initially dug by hand before machines arrived, the muddy deposits from the banks of the River Brue on the south end of the town was perfect for bricks, for tiles, for pipes and for many other ceramic items. There were four brick kilns at one time, and as soon as the railways came to the west country a branch live brought modern transport to carry the bricks away.

The industry declined and the structures were pulled down, the clay pits allowed to flood… and a wonderful park and leisure are was opened. The broken bricks and rubble from the buildings was put down as hard-core for a car park, a caravan site and park home area was created, the clay pits became lakes and soon wild birds and wild life proliferated.

The area was not just left to go randomly back to nature, it is managed to ensure no plant dominates and there is variety to ensure birds, insect, butterflies… grasses can overwhelm a natural area, so other plants are specifically grown which take up a lot of moisture and nutrients, keeping the grass in check.

P1050197I have no idea what these seed heads are, they range in colour from deep purply brown…

P1050202… to a pale gold to

P1050198Bees and other insects liked these yellow flowers and the purple thistles behind

P1050200These curious pods may be related to the pea family… but I don’t really know what they are

P1050201Is this purple loose strife? I have no clue!

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