Scrambled eggs

We were watching a TV programme tonight, and part of it was about using a microwave cooker – that for many people, ready meals cooked quickly have taken over any other sort of cooking. The programme went on to show that microwave ovens can be used to actually cook things, and not merely reheat pre-made meals. One of the things they showed was scrambled egg made in a mug with cheese – a quick breakfast for children dashing out to school. My daughter makes delicious mug-cakes in her microwave, and a lot of other quick and tasty things can be prepared. People lead such busy lives, sometimes ‘ping’ food is great!

I’m sure Philip Harben, the first TV chef, would have embraced microwave cookery; his little book Cooking Quickly’ published in 1946 is full of quick and easy short cuts to making meals. When I saw the microwaved scrambled egg, I thought of him, because he has a section on scrambled eggs – cooked in a pan with plenty of butter of course!

“Here we have vast scope. Almost everything, fish, flesh, fowl and many things vegetable combine with scrambled eggs:-
herbs – add a pinch to the egg mixture
bacon – fry some chopped streaky bacon in the pan before adding the beaten eggs
smoked haddock (cooked) – add flaked smoked haddock to the beaten eggs before cooking so the fish will be hot by the time the eggs are cooked
kipper (cooked and any other cooked fish) – combines extremely well with scrambled eggs. Add it in the same way as the haddock
ham or other cold meat – cube it and ad in the same way as the haddock
tomatoes – the flavour of tomatoes and scrabbled eggs combine beautifully, but do not add the raw tomato to the raw eggs; it makes them too watery. Instead fry the tomatoes separately and thoroughly and combine hem at the last moment
gammon rasher – grill the rasher, spread it thickly with the scrambled eggs, top with fried or grilled tomatoes.”



  1. David Lewis

    I found out ten years ago that I was pre diabetic and was put on a low carb diet. One thing I dreaded was not being able to eat pasta anymore. To my surprise my blood glucose numbers were normal the morning after pasta for supper. My wife boils the pasta and then drains and rinses it and when ready to eat she microwaves it. I found out on the BBC that nuking the pasta lowers the carbs and turns it into an edible starch or protein. Also the day after working out at the YMCA my numbers are near perfect. I love spaghetti and The Y and both are great for me. What luck!


  2. David Lewis

    We use store bought pasta but there are places that sell homemade.We always have capellettis in our soups as well as I don’t like barley. It seems that ice cream has to go on my can’t have list now but I still drink beer but it has to be low carb type. I was wondering if they have low carb beer in England?


  3. David Lewis

    Low carb is usually low in calories as well but calories are a measure of energy in the food whereas low carb relates to glucose content. As a prediabetic counting carbs is a must. I am allowed 180 a day. It is a lot like the Atkins diet. I eat a lot of stir fry with vegetables and lean meat with very little fat. Just the smell of bacon frying makes me ill now and that’s a shame. Vegetables high in starch like potatoes are a no no but I treat myself once in a while. My brother just died from diabetes so I have all the more reason to be careful with my diet although it’s not as severe as it sounds. The rewards are that you get to buy new clothes that fit and you make great friends at the gym.


    1. Lois

      Well done! You are so good! I suppose when you start researching there are things which seem surprising that you can eat… So I guess there are little treats sometimes!


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