Street art

Graffiti is fascinating and divisive… Some people love it, some hate it, some people only like it if it’s ‘good’, it can be enhancing, annoying, offensive, beautiful, and it’s worth or value is definitely in the eye of the beholder – no doubt the ‘artist’ is convinced of its worth anyway. Brighton, a most colourful city, has even more colour from its graffiti… or should they more rightly be called murals?

I had a fleeting and mainly unremembered visit to Brighton about twenty-five years ago; last year we visited and stopped over for a night and the weather was lovely and the sea was sparkling. We visited again a couple of days ago and had a good old wander, along the front, through the Lanes, round the Pavilion… a lovely couple of days! The city was bright and colourful, and we found lots of interest and lots to intrigue. Prior to this, my chief images were from the 1947 film, Brighton Rock, based on the 1930’s novel by Graham Greene…. I must reread the book and re-watch the film!

GRAFITTI BRIGHTON 2016 (1)In conventional art galleries there is often a little card with information about the work and the artist – and sometimes a little explanation too… Here most people just have to guess what it might mean!GRAFITTI BRIGHTON 2016 (4)

… and here… a game of living chess, but who is the grand master? Or is he just a cypher? I admire it but I can’t say I actually like it


Without knowing any more about this than the other images, I just like this one!

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