Giving the game away

I love surprises! I’m one of those people who do not feel the presents under the Christmas tree, who don’t read the last page of the book before the beginning, who don’t even watch ‘Coming next week…‘ on TV programmes. It really annoys me when other people do ‘give the game away’, tell you what’s in the present with your name on, as yet unwrapped, do tell you who ‘did it’ in the book you’re reading, do tell you what’s happening on next week’s show. What’s even worse is when there is a programme which involves some sort of week by week competition, and someone has found who will be ‘eliminated’ next, or worse still, who will actually win!

What is the point? Why tell people? Why spoil it? I do all I can to avoid having the surprise spoiled; if I see an article about ‘Masterchef’ for example, or ‘The Great British Bake-Off’, I won’t read it and try not to even glance at it in case I inadvertently see something. I even avoid talking about it in case someone else tells me something they have seen, read, overheard. I don’t go on any forums or Facebook/Twitter pages connected to it until I have seen the episode myself.

I should know better… but I went on a Facebook page about ‘Celebrity Masterchef’ to see what other people were talking about the episode which had just been broadcast, and there was someone blatantly saying who had won!! There’s a whole week left to go and some idiot is telling everyone who the winner is. I’m seething! I can’t take it out of my head – I can’t un-know what I know!

It is a small thing, but I am really cross!

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