Coffee get-together

If your mum or grandma was reading Woman magazine in 1961, she no doubt would have been delighted to have received a free recipe leaflet containing three sachets of Nescafé instant coffee;

Getting together over coffee has become a popular new habit. it is a pleasant break at any time of the day. in the past coffee has been a lot of trouble to make, but now, with instant coffee, it’s simple.

As well as different suggestions for serving the coffee, either hot (Americano, coffee whisk, Java Mocha, Chinatown) or cold (iced coffee, Viennese milk shake, coolie, flip) there were cookie recipes, coffee party cakes, sandwiches and snacks. I guess that the assumption was that many women would not be at work but we be at home all day.

There was quite a nice suggestion for sandwich fillings on white or brown bread:

  • tinned tuna, salad cream, chopped parsley – these days more people would use mayonnaise
  • cooked sausages, skinned, sliced, spread with apple sauce
  • chopped walnuts and cream cheese
  • chopped hard-boiled eggs and chopped capers
  • chopped ham and chutney
  • scrambled egg with shrimps or prawns

… and toasted:

  • sardines, vinegar parsley
  • fried bacon and peanut butter
  • sliced liver sausage and chopped raw onion (probably not to modern tastes – can you even still get liver sausage?)

… and three-tiered:

  1. chopped hard-boiled egg and watercress
  2.  sliced tomatoes and chives

… and:

  1. cream cheese and tomato sauce (economical but again I can’t see the appeal to our taste)
  2. lettuce and salt


  1. David Lewis

    When my mother retired from work she used to boast that she never coffee clacked with the neighbors. I think it meant getting together and wasting time idly spreading gossip and rumors. Rather she spent time gardening and sewing costumes for strippers I introduced her to. That’s a story for another time.

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