Carol Ann’s peach and blueberry custard pie

People have such strange ideas about social networking – people who don’t do it and probably know nothing about it. When I say to some people that I’m on Facebook they almost make a sign of a cross or some other gesture to repudiate evil. I’ve made some really good ‘friends’ on Facebook – and some of my closest friends in my off-line life are people I met through various on-line sites, mainly music.

One of my good Facebook friends is Carol Ann, we have a love of music in common but also cooking and she is a great cook… how do I know? She’s shared her recipes with me and everyone’s a winner!

The other day she posted a picture of a pie she had made which looked magnificent, mouth-watering! She very kindly shared the recipe and it was a sort of pie I had never heard of, a peach and blueberry custard pie.

As a child we had a peach tree in our garden, and they are one of my favourite fruits. In the days before the availability of everything all the year round regardless of season, the only way to have peaches apart from summer time was to have them tinned. Those tinned peaches must have been cooked or processed in some way, but I had never had home cooked peaches… it just wasn’t something we ever had, so the idea of them in a pie sounded intriguing and delicious.

Blueberries are a fruit which I don’t think many British people had come across until the last ten or so years, now they are everywhere and people grow them in their gardens too… we tried but our bush died… So the combination of blueberries and peaches was something again which I had never tried.

In Britain custard pies are just that, a tart with a baked custard in it, and a baked custard is somehow different from custard sauce which you pour over puddings… so to use the word intriguing again, the idea of having cooked peaches, with blueberries, and custard, inside a pie was intriguing.

We had cousins come to stay so making the pie was a great idea. I made a sweet pastry, and I admit I used custard powder to make the custard, Bird’s of course, but into the oven it went…


It was actually all shiny and sparkly with glaze and sugar by the time it was cooked

It was a brilliant success! We all loved it, and I would post a picture of t except we greedily ate it all – we had it with clotted cream as well as the custard inside, just to add an English twist. The cousins loved it so much they put in a request I should make one for the next Christmas party!

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