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The great thing about pubs is that you meet the most interesting people; through one of the interesting people who goes in our pub the Dolphin, we heard about the Underfall Yard in Bristol,and since then we have visited several times, and each time we find new things to look at, photograph and enjoy.

You might wonder why an area built to support Bristol Docks in the Victorian era could be very interesting; it is like a snapshot into a bygone age from when the Floating Harbour was first developed  in 1809.  Pre-nineteenth century, most of the area was either under water or marshy and boggy where the River Avon ran through. However the course of the river was changed  and a system of sluices were built to deal with the silt carried from upstream.

AUGUST 16 2016 (8)

If you go there now you will see the pump house, the  slipway, workshops, and some magnificent Victorian  buildings, as well as it still being a working boatyard.


AUGUST 16 2016 (2)He was busy working on this lovely summer day!

AUGUST 16 2016 (3)What a view!

AUGUST 16 2016 (15)We walked out of the yard and along the harbour, passing these narrow boats, towards the S.S. Great Britain, Brunel’s masterpiece of an iron-clad ship! Brunel was also involved in the planning and design of the original sluices

Have a look at their site which gives you much more information about the whole area, and details of how to get there:

This is also interesting:

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