The Moving Dragon Writes

A couple of months ago, very busy writing months, two friends and I started a writing blog – not just for our own work but for other writers too! Since we all live in Somerset, we called ourselves the Somerset Writers, and the blog is The Moving Dragon Writes. We have been thrilled with the response! We have been able to share some amazing pieces of writing – stories, poems, travel, food, reminiscences, humorous pieces, serious pieces… and many more. Our writers come from all backgrounds, and indeed all ages and places – Somerset has very open boarders! I am reminded of the amazing band Los Super Seven; anyone going to their gigs would see a dozen or more people troop on stage and someone would shout “We may be seven, but we are more!” The Moving Dragons are very much like that!

To see what we have written, and to join us if you would like, here is the link:

Not content with just our blog, we have reached out on social media, and have a Twitter and Facebook page

Twitter is building more slowly, but this is where we are:

…and lastly… we have a forum! We like to talk about writing as well as writing!

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