Another cover story

img003 (2) This is the rough version of the cover of my next novel, Lucky Portbraddon… and I’m excited to announce that all being well, and the technology imps behaving themselves, it should be published on September 12th!

Just a little explanation of the cover… the rather faded look is part of it; Lucky Portbraddon is a novel about a family of cousins who experience major breakdowns in their relationships when their grandmother dies. A young woman is kidnapped, a man is drawn into a dodgy holiday home scam and is on the run from some very dangerous people, a marriage breaks down, a young child runs away from home… there is a lot of action… but a thread running all the way through is an archivist friend who is writing a family history, using old documents from the grandmother’s estate. I wanted a fuzzy sort of look, just as photos and memories from the past are sometimes a little fuzzy, a little faded and worn.

I’m on the last checks and read-through… the last little tweaks and touches… and as I said, all being well, on September 12th, Lucky Portbraddon will be available in Amazon!

If you haven’t read my other novels, here is a link:

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