A week today!!

I’m excited (and very relieved) to announce that a week today my next novel, Lucky Portbraddon will be available from Amazon as an e-book! I started writing it over ten years ago, having had the idea of it for longer, and finished the first draft about five years ago; it sat on my virtual bookshelf until earlier this year when I set about editing it – a much bigger undertaking than I realised!

I’m doing the last little checks, I’ve chosen the cover and am just tweaking that too, and I am just getting ready for the launch! It’s a relief in a way – but I shall be so sorry to say goodbye to my characters, the Portbraddon family! Once they are out there on people’s Kindles, they are independent – like a load of children going off to school and away from their parents.

The Portbraddons are a big family of cousins; the reader gets to know them through a visitor who is also meeting them for the first time – she’s lost her contact lenses so they are all a bit blurry and she only identifies them a few at a time, which I hope, will help the reader properly identify them. Some names don’t appear until much later!

Here Ismène meets a couple of the wives: Even without her contact lenses and eyes sore from cold, she could see that the woman was very beautiful, her golden hair held back with a blue Alice band and falling over her shoulders, tumbling down her breast… “I’m Alison, Ally, I’m Alex’s wife…” Like Alice in Wonderland, the blond hair, the blue hairband.
The door opened to the other two women and their names came to her, Ruby and Carla. Ruby in a high-necked red sweater with auburn hair, easy to remember Ruby in red and even with her blurry vision Ismène could see her ready smile, an easy person to like.

At dinner she meets the rest of the family, and again I give descriptions first before names to try and help the reader: …a massive woman in black with a wild mane of ebony hair… The man sitting next to her made conversation, a blurry face, bearded and with blue eyes…

Some of the characters, the children for the cousins are not ‘introduced’ until much later in the book, once the reader has, I hope, established the main players.

Next Monday, 12th september, you’ll find Lucky Portbraddon here, with the rest of my novels:



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