Six days to go…

Next Monday, 12th September, my next novel, Lucky Portbraddon will be leaving the nest and flying onto virtual bookshelves! It has had a very long time in the nest – over ten years, four of which it was just hibernating, until January this year when I opened it up and began to wrestle with the lives of the Portbraddon family. The story recounts the events from Christmas 2014 to Christmas 2015, the different things which happen to the four Portbraddon cousins, and their own families; part of it is seen through the eyes of an outsider, a woman who arrives to spend Christmas with them. This isn’t just a family saga, though, there is a plot-line about violent criminals running a dodgy holiday-home scheme, a drugs turf war between rival gangs, a stalker whose tenuous grasp on reality is unravelling and his delusional sister who begins to stalk his victim as well.

As I prepare it for uploading to the Kindle Direct Publishing site on Amazon, I’m doing all the last-minute checks and reading it through yet again – this time actually on my own Kindle, to try to spot any errors and mistakes, including continuity, and to see how it looks there on the ‘page’. I am still having problems with the cover – I have the design, but it’s not reproducing clearly enough, so maybe back to the drawing board. … and then I have to write the blurb. I have briefly described the outline of the novel above, but in a context, a context of this post; the blurb has to be brief, inviting, accessible, intriguing and engaging…

Maybe I will write several blurbs and pass them to friends for an objective appraisal… Maybe I should just get back to editing!

Here is a link to KDP in case you are interested in publishing your work:

… and in case you haven’t read my other books yet, here is the link for my Amazon page:


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