It’s just crass

I’ve spent the last eight months editing my latest book, and the last two going through the text refining and checking and rearranging… and one of the things I’ve found that I do, is have favourite words. The same words crop up again and again, and these favourites are are different in each book it seems. I had to weed out a lot of suddenlys, hugs/huggings/huggeds, justs and faces going pale/red/white/wan/flushed… Last night in the last moments of panicky checking, I realised that I’d used the word ‘crass’ too frequently. I changed a few and as I finally finished the whole thing, began to wonder where the word ‘crass’ comes from.

Apparently it was originally Latin and came into English via French,, crassus/crasse meaning ‘solid, thick, fat, dense’; it arrived in the middle of the fifteenth century, but a hundred years later it was used in English to mean really stupid, incredibly stupid. However… there was also another little word, in Middle English, cras, meaning ‘slow, sluggish, tardy’; the two words sort of blended together and here we have crass, today!

A few synonyms i could have chosen:

  • asinine
  • blundering
  •  boorish
  • bovine
  • coarse
  • dense
  • doltish
  • dull
  • gross
  •  indelicate
  • insensitive
  • mindless
  •  oafish
  • stupid
  • thick
  • vacuous
  • witless

Having finished editing, I was able to publish! I publish my e-books through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and I’m delighted to tell you this book with slightly less crass in it than before, is available here:


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