Naughty words, and odd names…

I know I’ve written about this before, but it’s been on my mind today; I have a very dear friend who has made most useful and helpful observations on my books in the past, comments which have really enabled me to be more objective about my writing.

She has just started reading my latest novel, Lucky Portbraddon, and I know, I just know she is going to make at least two comments; one is going to be about unusual names, and the other s going to be about swear words.

I have written so many posts about names and choosing names,for actual children and for imaginary characters, so I’m not going over it all again except to say that I do a huge amount of research about names, and the names I use in my novels, trying to make sure they are the sort of names which might typically be associated with a particular person, or a particular age and class and with the sort of background I have given them. As I write I keep thinking of my friend and thinking about what she might say about my characters. Most of them in Lucky Portbraddon have perfectly ordinary names, Alex, James, Nick, Ruby, Alison, but one of the main characters is called Ismène. She was one of those characters who just arrived on the page with that name… I tried to call her Emma but it just didn’t work… Lo and behold, my friend has bought my book and the first thing she said was about the name!

Having my characters using ‘bad’ language is another thing,another thing which I don’t; take lightly. I never use bad language in front of my children… except in very trying circumstances when some naughty word escapes, and I don’t use it casually in my books. However, some characters do use obscene or foul language – just a we might come across people in real life who do. It would be unrealistic for them to say “Oh bother, oh blow, oh goodness gracious!”

I have heard recordings of soldiers from the first World War who use obscene/foul language… I’m sure people always have, so in Lucky Portbraddon, some times some of the characters swear at each other… and one character in particular swears almost every time he speaks. He is young, and I’ve noticed that young people do use a lot of words which older people might not approve of. I’m not using it – or rather, he‘s not using it to shock, it’s just the vernacular.

I know my friend is going to comment… and having her metaphorically sitting on my shoulder as I write does make me think very carefully about the language I use, even if my characters don’t!

Judge for yourself about the names I’ve chosen and the language I’ve used!


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