Wild goose as a prototype

Meat shapes… the image which springs to mind is the sort of children’s food like chicken dinosaur shapes, but these are a world away and half a century from Philip Harben the first TV chef. I write a lot about cooking in the past and how amazing a lot of it was, and how many ingredients which we think are new and fashionable today were used in our grandparent’s lifetimes… but every so often something crops up in one of my old cookery books and I have to thing, hhhmmm, not so sure on this one.

Maybe I should make a meat shape, get it properly photographed, write a stunning and excited blog about it – send it everywhere and start a whole new rage!

This is what Mr Harben says: their name is legion – shape, mould, galantine, terrine, brawn, paté – particular names but one thing is common to all of them; finely minced meat is blended into a mixture wich sets firm and can be sliced when cold.

He offers recipes for dishes which actually sound alright:

  • chicken galantine (not in a dinosaur shape I’m sure)
  • terrine of hare
  • various pies
  • liver shape
  • pig’s head brawn and other brawns including fish (fish brawn… I think probably not…)
  • wild goose flan – although, Mr Harben says,  a wild goose may never come your way, I am including this recipe as a record of a dish I once made, and as a prototype of many similar dishes you may care to try according to what ingredients may come to hand.

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