Autumn comes to the Baltic Wharf

We went back to our favourite place again, the Underfall yard; we went with friends, parked up and wandered around, then strolled along Baltic Wharf towards Wapping Wharf.

As usual with me, I got to wondering about the word ‘wapping’ as there is also a Wapping in London. I can’t find what it means, but the London Wapping’s name was first recorded c.1220 and it may have come from something meaning ‘the settlement of Wæppa’s people’… I guess there might have been another chief in this area also called Wæppa, or maybe it was just named after it’s London counterpart.

It was a pleasant day, but grey and slightly chilly; we remarked that it wasn’t just the slight breeze, nor the lowering skies, the quality of the air had changed… It’s definitely autumn now!

underfall-bristol-07-10-9 underfall-bristol-07-10-11 underfall-bristol-07-10-13

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