Something to do with kale

I wrote about kale a few days ago; I’m very fond of other green things such as cabbage, broccoli, calabrese, sprouts, but there is something about kale which just doesn’t really do much for me. There is only so much you can put into soup before it overwhelms and just having it as a vegetable is… well, actually… a bit slimy, bitter and not nice. It arrived in our veg box, and you can’t choose the contents – other things were a nice surprise as I mentioned, especially sprouts beetroot and leeks. I haven’t any friends who like it either…

I looked through a few recipes and then came across one I thought I could tweak; it’s a bit similar to the recipe I shared the other day for sprouts and by combining the two I think I might have something which not only me but a fussy green-hating husband might like!

Ingredients – I haven’t given quantities, it depends how many you’re feeding!

  • kale, green part stripped from stalks, blanched, well-drained, chopped
  •  olive oil
  • chorizo
  • black pudding in cubes
  • onion
  •  garlic
  • cooked potatoes, cut into small cubes
  • chestnuts
  • Salt & pepper
  • eggs – enough for each person


  1. heat little oil in a pan and cook the chorizo and balck pudding until the fat has begun to run, then put on one side (the chozo not the fat!)
  2. add the onion, garlic and chestnuts to the chorizo fat and cook gently until the onion is soft, then throw in the potatoes (you can add the chorizo and balck pudding back but it sometimes gets a bit overcooked and too crunchy and the b.p. can fall to pieces – but maybe you like it like that!)
  3. lastly add the kale and the chorizo if you haven’t already, and just let it meld, checking the seasoning
  4. poach or fry the eggs
  5. put the potato/kale/chorizo mixture in a warm serving dish and lay eggs on top
  6. serve with nice crusty bread


      1. Lois

        Actually this was just ordinary kale, but the kurly one would be nice too… must try next time i have some that I need to get rid of! I must say I’ve been amazed at frying greens, gives them a much sweeter flavour!

        Liked by 1 person

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