Driving with your eyes shut

Yesterday I had a little incident in the car… I’m fine but sadly the car isn’t, however, this is not about me but about other drivers. The upshot of the incident was that I was parked, quite safely at the side of a road, hazard lights on, waiting for a pick-up truck.

I was sitting, annoyed with myself, but fine, with nothing to do but wait. The road is quite narrow,but there was plenty of room for a car in both directions to pass me, although a van or bus might have to wait a few moments. It’s not a busy road, but busy enough. It’s perfectly straight and runs from our village, parallel to the  sea and straight, literally, into town.

It being the 1st of December the weather was wintry, and very foggy; the street lights weren’t on yet but the light was beginning to fade. The visibility was ok-ish, and as I said, I was perfectly safe. However, I was amazed at the number of cars driving with only side lights on, black and dark coloured cars barely visible until they were quite near; what shocked me even more was the number of cars with no lights on! Even if it hadn’t been foggy, as late afternoon turned to dusk and evening, they should have had them on!

I had a while to wait, so sat thinking about things; a white van coming in the opposite direction came towards me – it did have its lights on, to be fair, but it pulled up on the other side of the road, almost opposite me. OK, it was partly on the pavement, but even so, with me marooned where I was, it meant that there was only room on the actual road for one car to pass at once… late afternoon means lots of traffic as people go home… So there was a hold-up while this bloke delivered a few parcels to the flats beside him… he only needed to have parked ten yards further on and all would have been well… parcels delivered he hopped in his van and off he went.

A little while later, a lady stopped her car directly opposite mine to disembark some passengers – directly opposite. At least the van driver has pulled onto the pavement to allow bigger vehicles through… not this lady… Again she could have pulled up just a little way further on, and in fact she could have pulled into the forecourt of the flats!

At last big flashing lights arrived, a pick-up truck as welcome as a gaily lit Christmas tree, and I was taken home by a very nice driver,and we spent the journey complaining about other drivers. We agreed that some drivers might as well just shut their eyes!

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