Thursday night… and unusually it may be pub night…

For no particular reason we decided to go to the pub, even though we usually never go on a Thursday! Friday – maybe/usually, Saturday – occasionally, Sunday – yes, nearly every Sunday, Tuesday – yes, it’s quiz night so of course we go!

It was very cold and foggy as we strolled the couple of hundred yards to the Dolphin. The bar we usually go in, sort of called the lounge, was full of a party of people all having a good time. I don’t know if they had eaten here, if they had it would have been  a damn fine meal! They were all happy, jolly, chatty and having a lovely time. We went through into what we call the cross benches – the bar between the lounge and the public – a little joke because ‘the cross benches’ because in the House of Lords, members who are not aligned to any particular party take their places.

I had beer tonight – occasionally I have wine, but tonight was definitely an Otter beer night, and mighty fine it was too. We chatted about various things, then when I went up to get another round I had a brief conversation with our friend Terry, or El Tel, Sir Circumference, Mr W, about Christmas before returning to my seat with beer. A couple who had been seated at the bar were leaving; we didn’t know them, but as it is in good pubs we had a brief conversation. He had been a printer and illustrator; he’d illustrated/printed a book about Frank Sinatra, but when he’s shown it to whoever had commissioned it, their wife destroyed it, along with all the art work!

Terry came and joined us and we chatted about driving, driving big lorries, tachographs, Christmas, Minehead… the usual sort of pub talk. Time was rung and it was time for us to depart; we wandered back home, down the middle of the village street, pondering on how lucky we are to live where we live!


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