Kenwood recipe book, written by…

Most British people, and cooks in forty-four other countries know Kenwood as a kitchen equipment and appliance manufacturer. The company was founded by Kenneth Maynard Wood – Ken Wood – Kenwood; he started making his appliances in the garage of his house in Woking. His company is owned by De’Longhi since 2001. Ken Wood’s first product in 1947 was a toaster, and then he produced the famous Kenwood Chef kitchen machine.

On January 1st 1956, a Kenwood recipe book was published and the authors are quite a famous bunch now! It seems extraordinary that a kitchen appliance company recipe book should have such authors!

  • Elizabeth Craig – Elizabeth Josephine Craig, MBE, FRSA (16 February 1883 – 7 June 1980) was a Scottish journalist, home economist and one of the most notable British writers on cookery of the twentieth century, whose career lasted some sixty years. She published over sixty cookery books between the 1920’s and 1980
  • Marguerite Patten – Hilda Elsie Marguerite Patten CBE (4 November 1915 – 4 June 2015), was an English home economist, food writer and broadcaster. She was one of the earliest TV ‘celebrity chefs’ presenting her first television cookery programme on the BBC in 1947; she sold 17 million copies of her 170 books
  • Margaret Goggin
  • Philip Harben – Philip Hubert Kendal Jerrold Harben (17 October 1906 – 27 April 1970) was an English cook, recognised as the first TV celebrity chef who published over twenty cookery books.
  •  Frances Dale – otherwise known as Fanny Cradock born Phyllis Nan Sortain Pechey (26 February 1909 – 27 December 1994),an English restaurant critic, television celebrity chef
  •  Germain Bagole – (4 April 1903 – 1978) 
  • Leon Trompetto 

I can find no information on Margaret Goggin – maybe it was a pen-name for someone more famous – like Fanny Craddock calling herself Frances Dale, very little for Germain Bagole apart from his dates and that his wife’s name was Rita, and little about Leon Trompetto although there was a chef called Silvino Trompetto – the Savoy appointed its first British head chef, Silvino Trompetto, who was maître-chef from 1965 to 1980

If you are interested in this recipe book…

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