Darwin Day

I had no idea there was a special day to commemorate the achievements of Charles Robert Darwin, but there is, and it is today, February 12th; as you might guess this is the anniversary of his birth in 1809, and he is most famously remembered as  an English naturalist and geologist, and is most widely known for his ideas on the science of evolution.

He was born in Shropshire, in Shrewsbury and we can actually see information abotu him on census returns which somehow makes him seem more real:

1861 – there he is in Bromley in Kent, Justice Of Peace, MA, Author Of Scientific Works, with his wife, twelve servants, visitors and their servants, and seven of the ten children he and his wife Emma had

He first appears on the 1841 census and staying in his home with his wife Emma, their two children and servants, are Josiah Wedgwood, of pottery fame, and his son Josiah junior with their wives.

1851 he was visiting his father, and 1871 visiting his brother; we last see him in these records in 1881, the year before he died, in Bromley with two of his sons, a daughter and grandson visiting.

If you want to know more about this amazing man:


and if you want to know more about Darwin Day – and also a lot more about Darwin:




    1. Lois

      Oh thank you Don! We have just returned from our adventure, had the most wonderful time, completely fell in love with Tasmania… also enjoyed Brisbane and being with our friends. Thanks for the link!


      1. Don Bowen

        It sounds as though you had a great time in Tasmania and Brisbane in Qld. Did you see anything of the other States? There is no doubt that Tasmania is a lovely part of Australia and in a direct contrast with Brisbane of course. I think you chose well with Brisbane because it’s easier to get around than the huge Sydney and Melbourne.

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      2. Lois

        We had a stop over in Melbourne, so saw a nice view of Victoria from the hotel window and the airport, also went into NSW to the exhibition of Margaret Olley’s work and a recreation of her studio in Murwillumbah at the Tweed Gallery – have you been? it’s amazing!


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