Lagom, apparently, it’s the latest thing

Just as there are trends in fashion, and food, and sporting and keeping fit activities, so there seems trends in life-style; it seemed to be mindfulness, and hygge, and now it’s lagom… which means just the right amount. It seems appealing, especially as I look round and see the amount of clutter and stuff there is… last year I attempted to throw away/recycle/give one item per day – sometimes there was more than one, particularly when I went through bookshelves, CD collections, clothes cupboards. At first I kept a record, but by about summer time forgetfulness interfered, and although I did get rid of I am sure, more than 366 items, I didn’t in fact write down all.

Lagom sounds appealing, and practical, and I’m sure relaxing – less stuff, less stress! So the outline:

  • balance
  • appropriate not perfect
  • simple, fair, less complicated/more contented

Sounds good… but how practical is it? I was writing about spring cleaning the other day, well maybe if I looked at it from a ‘lagom’ point of view I might feel more inspired! If it was spring cleaning not just to clean everything, but to sort and balance things too – which is what I was trying to do last year with my throwing/giving/recycling!

The idea is:

  • sustainability – yes! 100% for that!
  • waste reduction! 100% for that too – and waist reduction ditto!
  • economy – yes! Everyone wants to save money!
  • less stress – of course (not that I am very stressed, actually)
  • more freedom – I guess I am pretty free now, except for the oppressive stuff I still have, so freedom from stuff – yes!
  • balance of food/sleep/exercise – maybe this does need some adjustment, too much of some and not enough of others!
  • “improved wellbeing” well-being is a fashionable thing which seems to mean various things, but to have an overall feeling of calm satisfaction and happiness, yes!

Have a look at this infographic, which “explains what exactly a Lagom lifestyle means and what you have to do in order to be able to live it… the ultimate guide on how to live the Lagom life”:



  1. David Lewis

    I guess in a way I was a teacher to. As far as being tidy I always made sure that the blueprints were kept up to date and returned to there proper place as they were your best friend. Miss my job and the paychecks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lois

      Yes! paychecks certainly. In a way I miss the companionship and fun, but I was so glad I finished when I did – I had completely run out of teach! I’m way too busy to do any now – although i have started a new – possibly two new writing groups!


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