I will say this only once

‘Allo Allo was a very popular comedy based on a serious drama series set in war-torn France, with the plucky French resistance and others struggling under German occupation. In ‘Ello ‘Ello, there were many catch-phrases which became part of everyday speech, and I’m sure even now there are people of a certain age who will say ‘good moaning’, ‘you stupid woman’, ‘it is I, Leclerc!’ I am sure there are many people who never even saw it and will say, ‘listen very carefully, I will say this only once!’ There were any number of very silly and also very funny jokes, including as you might imagine in a series like this, many ludicrous passwords which the characters used (and misused) in the course of the proceedings.

As children we all had secret passwords and signs and signals, most of which we forgot or misremembered as soon as we knew them; I don’t suppose any of us thought we might actually need passwords… and now, obviously we do. Almost every site we go on now requires passwords – and even as I write this I’m wondering how many other people have written blogs about it…

I have just spent ten minutes trying to change the order for my milkman. I have tried to rationalise passwords by having the same one for everything, even though some sites require capital and lower case letters, some want numbers, some want punctuation marks or other symbols, some don’t wan letters repeated, some want them of a certain length… So all I wanted was to change my milk order for Saturday; the site didn’t recognize my password, then told me I had written it incorrectly three times, then told me as I tried to recreate a new one that I had used that before… and so it went on.

I write them all down – yes I know you’re not supposed to, but surely that is in a work situation, not at home when I’m the only one who uses the computer… Anyway, having sorted that, the site then told me I wasn’t using the correct user name…

I might just leave a note out for milkie…


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