Back on the Wii

Writing is my passion and it’s what I do from the moment I get up till last thing at night… but it is very sedentary; when I am immersed in my work I remain still and unmoving, apart from my fingers and brain for sometimes an hour at a time… and I actually know  this isn’t good! It doesn’t just mean I’m not very fit, but I’m also not using the calories I take in – and you know what that means!

So… exercise… I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ve discussed how I’ve tried to do more exercise. When I was young I cycled and walked everywhere, and since school was four miles away and the swimming pool nearly two miles from home, I was doing at least ten miles a day on my bike. And swimming… when I was training properly I was doing about forty miles a week plus weights and circuit training. Thinking about it now, I must have been so fit as a young person! Unlike now…

My difficulty is, as I’ve written about previously, I can’t think of any exercise or activity I would be interested enough in pursuing that I would keep doing it. Swimming now bores me… the noise in the pool, the lane swimming with people either dawdling in front, or swimming on my heels, the music – yes they play music in the swimming pool, now why? And the actual activity no longer appeals to me.

So join a gym people say – yes we did; it was expensive but it was small and busy and the equipment often wasn’t very clean, and our supposed ‘trainer’ didn’t help us… and as we were only doing it to try and improve our fitness, there wasn’t the added incentive of actually enjoying it. We became more and more reluctant to go, even though we tried going at different times in the hope of finding it less crowded… but I think even if we had, it would have been a chore, and the TV screens everywhere put me off… oh and the music…

So something simple like walking… yes we go out walking, but it’s not very interesting, is it?… we take our cameras which slow us down, and walking out from home isn’t very exciting – yes, we live by the sea, but the beach is flat and dull, and the sea is not the splashy sort and being on an estuary is a sedimentary brown.  We go further afield and go for walks… but to be honest, we’re more keen on museums, art galleries, interesting and odd towns, church architecture, markets…

So sports and clubs? Yes, there are activities near us, but none appeal and to be honest, we’re too old for a lot of them! Bowling? Sorry no… badminton – have I told you about my lack of hand-eye co-ordination? So tennis is out, but i hate tennis anyway.. Keep-fit? Absolutely and utterly not… Golf? Too expensive, ditto skiing, even if we could ski, which we can’t, and the same with sailing…

My husband is a drummer, and apparently … “A study conducted by the Universities of Gloucestershire and Chichester has concluded that drumming is an equivalent workout to playing in a Premier League football match.” So since he plays a couple of times a week, and also goes to ‘sessions’, (and lugging a kit around is like a weights work-out) so he probably is quite fit, and quite fit by doing something he really enjoys!

So what do I do? I go on the Wii fit… it may not be the same as ‘real’ exercise, but it is something I do every day, I’m consistent, and dedicated; I do it in 30-40 minute sessions, plus odd five minutes here and there when I am stuck with my writing. Running on the Wii maybe not as good as running outside, but I do it and I do it every day…

I still look round for activities, but until I find one, I’ll keep Wii-ing!


  1. David Lewis

    A group of ladies at my YMCA meet everyday for dance fitness classes and they work rally hard and have a lot of fun. Also there is a group that does aerobics in the pool. They keep after me to join but I’m unsteady on my feet due to back injuries. If you have an old hula hoop drag that out and use it as it’s great for the back and hips. The main thing is having fun with good friends. P.S.I tell everyone that I have a harem of seven girls at the gym but I don’t tell them that the youngest is sixty.

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  2. David Lewis

    The ladies set modest goals, encourage one another, but most of all have fun plus we have a cute little cafe where they can chat and have a healthy snack. As for me the reward is a couple of low carb beer after working out. Going there right now.

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