Feeling arty

We went out for a little jaunt today; it’s North Somerset Arts Week and over two hundred and fifteen artists of all sorts have thrown open their studios, homes, rooms for everyone to come and admire their work – and with any luck buy some!

As the information booklet says:

North Somerset Arts Week has been running biennially since 2003. It is an Arts Trail across the whole of North Somerset and has been growing since its inception. This year boasts over 250 artists in over 50 venues across the region. Some are returning artists and some are new to North Somerset Arts. There are a large number of professional artists as well as some amateur groups taking part.

There are fifty-two venues and although we won’t be able to visit all of them – and some are not exhibitions we are particularly interested in, but we are trying to see as many as possible! Yesterday we went to the village of Wrington to Hannah Moore’s house; she was a local writer of religious books and plays, and philanthropist and campaigner against slavery. Although born in Bristol in 1745, she spent time here in our little village of Uphill, mending a broken heart. Later, in 1785, she bought a house in the hamlet of Paradise, near Cowslip Green in Wrington, , where she lived with her sister, Martha, until 1828, before moving back to Bristol where she lived until her death in 1833.

Back to art week – we visited a wonderful exhibition in a most lovely house, displaying the work of Bridget Winterbourne:


Then we went into Wrington to the Barley Wood Walled Garden Studios, a complex of purpose-built studios with stunning vies across Somerset… here is a link:


I particularly liked the ceramics of Karen Edwards, and think I might be visiting her again when I have some birthdays or Christmas coming up!


So after that collection of wonderful paintings, ceramics, jewellery and textile art, we went to Hannah Moore’s house, Barley Wood, built for her in 1801, and which has just been restored. There was more work on display of every genre, and we were able to have a little wander round the house too which was built for here. It’s a beautiful and gracious property which now hosts functions.

That was Wrington, off to a village very near home, Bleadon, and saw not just  her art work, but also her stunning sugarcraft from Alison Proctor; Alison was so interesting to talk to, and she too had stunning views from her lovely house!


Then, and last trip of the day to Banwell; we visited three venues, a group of artists exhibiting in the old fire station, which was fascinating in itself as it had a small museum of fire service memorabilia, Andy Watts who was showing some superb paintings – I could have bought several and maybe will have to save up for a couple, but he also had made wonderful furniture, much from reclaimed wood… when we have got rid of sufficient of our present furniture in our efforts to downsize, I would love to visit Andy again and look at his things:


Lastly for today, but not for the week, we visited our friend Jackie Barwell, a most gorgeous artist! She is gorgeous, and so is her art:


My featured image is just of leaves and frost… I didn’t take any photos today!


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