Me interviewing me

On my other blog which I share with two writing chums, we are continually trying to reach out to other writers and engage with them, and would love to share their work on our site – all properly linked and credited of course!

We wondered how we could offer our readers more about ourselves in a different way than just writing short biographies, and we came up with interviews; however, instead of interviewing each other, maybe we should interview ourselves! It wasn’t an attempt to rig the information, we thought it might be fun, and we thought it might be a way of having a moment’s self-reflection… there’s no reason why later we can’t interview each other!

So… trying to think of questions which would allow me to share some of my thoughts about me as a writer, I eventually, after a lot of thinking and pondering came up with these questions:

  1. When did you start writing as a hobby? Did anyone particularly encourage you?
  2.  How is your working day structured?
  3.  What is your current project?
  4. You write one blog, and are involved in another—does this not distract you from your main writing?
  5. There are now five Radwinter novels. Do you have plans for more?
  6. Many of your leading characters are women—are they based on yourself?
  7. Which of your published works has given you the most satisfaction ?
  8. Why do you self-publish on Kindle? Is there a problem with conventional hard-copy publication?
  9. As well as being a writer, you are also a keen reader. What kind of books attract you, and what are you presently engaged in? What type of book repels you?
  10. Many people are convinced that they have at least one book inside them. What advice would you give them?

Answers to follow!

if you would like a look at our blog, and maybe send us some writing to share there, here’s a link:

… and if you do have any submissions, here is our address:


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