The call came down the line

I’ve been editing – in the sense of rechecking spelling, grammar, punctuation – oh and repetitive vocabulary, of my first Thomas Radwinter novel… entitled ‘Radwinter’. I wrote it and it is set in 2013 but it was published in 2014 as an e-book for Kindle.

You may wonder why I’m looking at it again… well, I hope to publish it as an actual book, a paperback on Amazon! Although a lot of people have Kindles, many people don’t and many people like to have an actual book in their hands – I do! Kindles, and other similar readers, are so useful, especially when travelling, but there is nothing like a real book – a tree-book as I’ve heard them called!

In Radwinter, the main character, Thomas begins to explore his family history, and just as he finds the story of his ancestors, his own life begins to unravel. At one point, as he’s travelling home with his wife from a party at his brother’s house,he begins to sing ‘Human’ by The Killers – it somehow seems to be right for his life at the moment – ‘I’m on my knees looking for the answer’….

If you want to read about what happens to Thomas, here is a link to that very first book:

If, by the way you are wondering about my featured image, he is Nicolas Bro, who was in ‘The Killing II’ – he was my inspiration for Thomas Radwinter!

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