Bloaters, Haybox Cookery and Canapes – and how to make them

I love old cookery books -particularly ones written between the 1920’s-1950’s; there was published a delightful series by Herbert Jenkins Ltd, little pocket-sized books and I have a couple of them.  I think they must be real collectors items because you don’t often see them in second hand shops – I guess i could get some of them on line, but half the fun for me of acquiring old cookery books is coming across them in unexpected places.

I’m not sure how many were published, but here is a list of those I know of – sadly i don’t have all of them!

  • Biscuits And American Cookies  – Ambrose Heath
  • Cocktail Snacks And Canapes How To Make Them – Mollie Stanley-Wrench 1959
  • Cocktails – Robert Vermeire
  • Cocktails: How To Mix Them – Robert Vermeire 1955
  • Cooking With Harben – Philip Harben
  • Dishes Without Meat – Ambrose Heath
  • Haybox Cookery – Ambrose Heath 1961.
  • Herbs, How To Grow, Treat And Use Them – Ethelind Fearon
  • Herrings, Bloaters And Kippers – Ambrose Heath 1954
  • Home Made Wines and Liqueurs – Ambrose Heath 1956
  • Hors D’ Œuvres – Mollie Stanley-Wrench
  • Ice-Cream Dishes – Gretel Beer
  • Jams, Jellies And Preserves – Ethelind Fearon
  • Little Cheese Dishes – Ambrose Heath 1955.
  • Sandwiches For Parties And Picnics – Gretel Beer
  • Sauces, Sweet And Savoury  – Lady Muriel Beckwith
  • The Home Wine Cellar – Raymond Postgate

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