Six salads

I love salad, but I usually eat it on my own as my husband really doesn’t! I generally make a mixture of whatever ingredients I have adding more or less as I fancy, adding nuts, seeds, maybe chopped fruit, maybe anything at all which happens to be in the fridge, including left over cooked vegetables.

It is nice, however, sometimes to actually plan a salad, and the national mark, Calendar of Cooking, published in the early 1930’s, offers some eighty year-old recipes for June salads:

Six salads

  1. celery leaf – well washed, dried and with a little made mustard added to the dressing
  2. lettuce and green peas – cook and cool the peas, dress them with French dressing or mayonnaise diluted with cream, before arranging with the lettuce
  3. tomato and celery – peel the tomatoes, de-seed, cut into strips, mix with thin slices of celery, sprinkle with finely chopped onion, add mustard to the dressing
  4. cheese – lettuce and tomato dresses, with grated cheese on top
  5. rice (cooked), diced ham and chopped tomatoes – mix in  any proportions you like as long as rice predominates, add finely chopped onion and add mustard to the dressing
  6. cauliflower – cold cooked florets (I would use raw) finely chopped onion and parsley, add mustard to dressing

Dress all of them with a French dressing, and it’s suggested that the rice salad and the cauliflower salad could be served as hors d’œvres.

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