A perfect home

We love the house we live in and are very happy here; when we bought it, it had everything we needed, lounge, dining, room, kitchen, utility area, (downstairs loo – what a luxury!) four bedrooms, bathroom, garden, garage… It’s in a great position in our little village, halfway between the pub and the sea, round the corner from the school the children went to when they were young, local shop, countryside… yes, everything!

When we were house-hunting we did have a limited wish list (we are very easy-going and not very fussy) and top of my list after the essentials of sufficient bedrooms etc., was a large hall. I wanted to open the front door and come into a space where we could take off coats and shoes and hang them up or put them away, no narrow passageway, no stairs right in front of you, not lots of doors all coming off in a small space…

So our lovely house which we have lived in happily for fifteen years has the tiniest hall you could imagine! You come in, and facing you are the stairs, and on the left is the door into the sitting room – no room to put a coat rack, we do have a place for shoes, but there is only enough room for a couple of pairs each… not at all what I dreamed of!

I also imagined having either a door from the hall into the kitchen as well, or an easily accessible back door to bring in shopping etc. Well, no; to get to the kitchen, you go into the sitting room, through into the dining room, into the utility room and then into the kitchen… To get to the back door from outside, we have big, tall double gates which open only from the inside.

I hoped that in the utility room (which actually had been a dream rather than a requirement when we were house-hunting) there would be a second sink, for washing dirty veg, shoes etc. Again, no – there is water connected through for the washing machine, but no sink, basin or tap.

The kitchen hasn’t got room for a table for everyone to sit round for breakfast, or for me to use to for making cakes, biscuits, bread – we have a galley kitchen, and although it does have lots of work surfaces, a table is better!

I really am not complaining at all – I’m just observing the difference between what you might dream of and what you might get! We’re very happy here! When we moved in, alterations had already been made. What is now the kitchen had been the garage, and what is now the dining room, had been a smaller room plus separate kitchen – so now we do have a lovely big dining room!

If we had lots of money, lots and lots of money, I would get the builders in! I would put another door in the hall through into the kitchen so it could be accessed easily with bags of shopping , wet clothes (kitchen floor easier to wipe than carpets in the sitting room!) I would put a double sink in the utility room. Upstairs, because we no longer need four bedrooms, I would knock through between the bathroom and the small bedroom to create a bigger bathroom with a decent sized shower.

If we had mega lots of money, I would build an extension on the kitchen side of the property (plenty of room to do so!) it would make the kitchen bigger, it could create a bigger hall (with a clever architect) The bedroom upstairs would be bigger, and so would the smaller bedroom which I now have as a study/writing room. The larger utility room/toilet area could be used for storage as well as having my desired extra sink, and there would be extra space for coats etc.

However… if I did have loads of money, then maybe I would just smarten the dear old house up, and actually move to somewhere more convenient for us now the family have left – smaller garden for a start (we’re too busy writing and painting to do more than just keep it sort of tidy) less bedrooms and a bigger bathroom…

So here I am… busy writing… just thinking about all that I could do… As they say, LOL!!

By the way, my featured image is not of our home, it is just a lovely dream of somewhere almost perfect to live!


  1. David Lewis

    A few years ago when I was still working a friend at work asked a few of us to help knock some walls down in his house to re-organize the space seeing that both daughters had left home. One married and one with a boyfriend. I warned him that it was a bit premature but he went ahead anyway. A year later both girls were back home one with twins in tow. He asked me for help putting the walls back up. The answer was no.

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