A Canadian Uphillian… or vice versa

You never know who you will meet in our pub, the Dolphin… tonight we came in.greeted a couple of chums, bought beer (Otter of course) and sat in the bar between the two other bars which we call the cross benches (Wikipedia says “A cross-bencher is an independent or minor party member of some legislatures“) Sitting actually at the bar, as opposed to at a table as we were, was a group of young guys, laughing and joshing, and our friend Terry in conversation with a young chap unknown to us.

It turns out the young chap, subsequently identified as a Canadian visitor. At first we thought he was a friend of Tom, our Canadian barman… but no, he was just a random Canadian visitor. He had come over to attend a family occasion and had come especially to Uphill to visit the ruined church on the hill where his forefathers were buried. He was very interesting, telling us about his family, and he was interested in what we had to say about Uphill, the church, the graveyard and its famous resident, Frank Froest, the superintendent in charge of the Dr Crippen investigation.

He’s moving on to Bristol, so we suggested some good places to try beer, BrewDog for example, places of interest, St Nicholas market, the S.S.Great Britain and the Matthew – a replica of the ship John Cabot crossed the Atlantic in 1497.

Time was called by Tom and after more friendly words, we left… As we walked home down the quiet main street of our little village, we remarked how nice it is to have pubs, and how nice our pub is… and how interesting!


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