Gosh, that is so interesting!

I guess these days it’s easier than ever to read a whole variety of different things on different subjects. I wasn’t much good at science when I was at school and was made to give it up in the third year (year 9 as it is now) Now I follow several different science sites, not just tech-y archaeological sites which would be understandable because of my passion for archaeology, but a physics site – yes, really tricky stuff, astronomy – not just looking at things in the sky but science stuff about deep space, there’s oceanography… oh and lots more. Then there is history which is a passion – there are all sorts of articles and features available now, covering every subject imaginable, ditto language and linguistics, ditto food and food production and cooking it… and so much more. People can be so well-informed these days!

So I do read a lot of interesting things; not all of them are serious and complex all the time, many have lighter articles and pieces… here is an example, http://www.medievalists.net is an amazing resource – the only problem is it is so interesting it’s possible to get lost there for hours, as you’re taken from one fascinating topic to another. I would have said that I’m not very interested in medieval history, preferring pre-Conquest Britain, and pre-Roman Britain, but really I am interested in all history – and thanks to the medievalists, even more so now!

This is what they say about themselves:


Medievalists.net‘s founders Sandra Alvarez and Peter Konieczny met each other while in the University of Toronto’s Medieval Studies program and became fast friends. After graduation, Peter continued onto get his master’s, while Sandra went on to college and the workforce. In the summer of 2008, the idea for Medievalists.net came to life. Dissatisfied with stagnant sites that sat untouched for months, Peter and Sandra wanted something that was vibrant, that changed every day, and that engaged people with the past. They decided to start a site where they could blog about history, and post articles, news, book reviews and movies. They wanted to share their love of history and show people why history matters.

I really hope you visit them, you are bound to find something absolutely fascinating – the only problem is your tea/coffee might get cold while you delve into the stories, you might miss that programme you wanted to watch, or find that time has been called in the pub!

How about this, ‘Nine Things You Didn’t Know Were Medieval’… steampunk fashion, air pollution and vegetarian meat substitutes for example…

Find them and the other six here:



  1. David Lewis

    The older you get the more you learn about human anatomy when things start breaking down. Like George Burns said { If I knew I was gonna live this long. I would have taken better care of myself ]

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  2. David Lewis

    Never too late and every little bit helps. Doctors dithering or misdiagnosis can kill you so you have to be proactive. Just lost partial sight in one eye and I bust my butt and eat right so I can say it wasn’t really all my fault. What next?

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