Sunday night at the Dolphin

We nipped down to the Dolphin hoping our friends,the two T’s, Trev and Tim would be there, and indeed they were. We like to meet up with them anyway, but tonight we particularly wanted to see Tim. he has had some renovations and extensions done on his house which now looks absolutely splendid, and part of it involved new roofing and he’d had to buy new tiles. However, it was one of those things where you can’t get exactly what you want so he has a few (like 100) left over.  He’d asked us if we would like some because they are now obsolete – all the houses in our little road have the same roof tiles, but our homes were built in the 80’s and these tiles are now as I mentioned, obsolete. Yes please, Tim, we said. A couple of days ago we came home to find a load of roof tiles on our drive – not a ridiculous amount, but the sort of quantity which will be useful if we ever have to replace any,

Tim had refused any payment and very kindly delivered them, so we hoped to find him in the pub so we could buy him a drink… and there he was! We are always pleased to see him and Trev – we do see them at other times too, but Sunday night the four of us have a jolly good old chin wag. On this occasion we were also able to buy him a thank-you drink.

We had a very pleasant evening as usual, talking about all sorts of stuff – Dylan Thomas’s boathouse, New Zealand, the English rugby team, the Hobphin music festival a the pub – the Dolphin of course, family and friends, neighbours – new and old, houses, Wales, helicopters, Weston train station, parking…

Yes, a typically pleasant night at the Dolphin!

… and this is about Hobphin two years ago…


By the way, my featured image is of music at the Dolphin from a few years ago, the unmatchable Celtic Shambles and their drummer, my husband!!

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