Potato salad

Potato salad always seemed the simplest thing in the world when I was a child… cold potatoes and salad cream. when mayonnaise started appearing in the shops it replaced the salad cream… gosh, how sophisticated we were! Sometimes spring onions were finely sliced and mixed in, or chopped chives… but that was about it.

When I went to visit my friend who lives in Washington State, almost as soon as I arrived we went up into a forest and stayed in a cabin. it was wonderful, there were a whole load of other people and we all stuck in, getting things ready for a meal… I guess it was a barbecue, but actually I don’t remember… however, I do remember the potato salad. I was astounded as I made it at all the things people kept passing me to go into it… hard-boiled eggs – cut them into eight! … gherkins – slice them finely! …some sort of Frankfurter sausage – slice into chunks! … white onions – slice them up and in they go! …celery – chop it up however you like and in it goes! There may have been other things I don’t remember, I just do remember being amazed and then thinking how wonderful it tasted!

So now, every time I make potato salad, and add whatever comes to hand, fresh herbs, green beans, chopped ham, chunks of feta cheese, chopped red pepper… whatever there is, I always think to my first American potato salad!


  1. 10centsofdates

    Potato Salad is one of those remarkable things that is always called potato salad no matter what the ingredients are. I was recently musing on potato salad while I was cooking an old fashioned potato salad for my blog. I think the key to a good potato salad is having enough ingredients that no two bites are exactly the same.

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