I’ve been a bit lazy

I have been a member of an Irish group for about… well, about ten years, if not more. We used to meet once a week, and then every month our wonderful teacher would come for a session on a Saturday. I have to say, that although I’ve discovered I do have a great chunk of Irish DNA, I don’t have any known Irish ancestry. However I’ve been to Ireland at least once a year for the past twenty or so years, and so when I saw an Irish group advertised I joined, found some lovely friends, and have been doing it ever since.

Everyone else in the group is Irish, or has Irish parents, I’m the only one without, and most of the others had some Irish, and many of them had quite a lot. I worked really hard, doing homework, listening to Irish songs, listening to CDs etc, but as hard as I worked I couldn’t keep up. I guess I hadn’t got those rhythms and intonation in my head, and also I found although I could learn vocabulary, constructing sentences just kept eluding me.  I still enjoyed our classes and our monthly day with our teacher, and tried to remain cheerful and positive even though I was getting further and further behind! I went on day and weekend courses, and I went to Iceland with an Irish group organised by our teacher.. amazing!

For various reasons our weekly classes didn’t continue, and over the lat couple of years unfortunately I have missed a few of the teaching sessions – for unavoidable reasons. However, I still enjoyed the sessions… but I confess… other things began to take over, and I didn’t manage to continue with my studies. I know I have been very busy doing other things, but I have let things slip.

So today, I resolve to go back to my studies and try to catch up – knowing that i’m never going to be as good as my Irish friends, and never going to be anything like fluent. But never mind! I enjoy it, and must get cracking and buíochas le dia, make up what I have missed… Over to Duolingo for a refresher I think!



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