The Dolphin tonight

We drifted down to the Dolphin tonight, as usual on a Sunday to meet the 2 T’s, our dear friends Tim and Trev, and also ‘the girls’, three lovely friends of ours who are always interesting to chat to, and of course, anyone else who happens to be there!

The girls were in their corner chatting, and the 2 T’s were there too, and at the bar was a great friend who we don’t see to chat to as often as we would like, with a friend of his. We greeted ‘the girls’ and while himself went to the bar I went to greet and to get a great hug from our friend who had some exciting news about a brilliant project which he was undertaking.

We sat with the 2 T’s and caught up to date with our various items of news, and then talked about heating systems, New Zealand, work in our former lives, and mutual friends. My beloved was drinking Otter – the best beer in the world from Otter Brewery in Devon, I for a change was on wine, Shiraz, then Côtes de Rhone, then back to Shiraz, and we had a good chat about wine and beer. Then we went on to talk about Legionnaire’s Disease, and what a vile thing it is; one of the T’s had a great deal of practical knowledge about it, although thankfully he had never suffered from it thank goodness. We talked about many things, and I also had a good chat with our friend who is an amazing cook – professionally, and has an exciting new project! I am so thrilled for him, he is amazing in many ways and I know his new undertaking which sounds so exciting will be a great success!

As we wandered home, along the middle of the road because our little village is so quiet, we couldn’t help but think what great friends we have, and what a brilliant pub the Dolphin is!

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