Now isn’t this a very clever idea!

When my son was only a tiny thing (hard to imagine now when I look at the huge bearded monster who gives me hugs) we went to a mums and babies group and met another mum with a tiny thing. The two tinies are both grown up, taller than the two mums and both with beards and deep voices. And as for us two mums, we’re still best friends! We may live a couple of hundred miles apart but that makes no difference.

I’m writing about my clever friend’s great idea; one of the things we have in common is a serious addiction to reading. Neither of us can imagine a worlds without books, and if we haven’t got one ‘on the go’ then something’s not right! Years and years ago, when I first started writing my ‘proper’ books, she was kind enough to read them – when I saw ‘read’ I mean wade through, because they were mighty long. I have since learned to write less, but even so I still have to winnow rigorously!

Sometime ago, she was pondering on reading, and thinking that nothing is better, more relaxing, or more satisfying than a good read… a good book, a cup of tea, magic! Yes, a book, a brew, bliss!! She hit on this great idea, which she put into action!

Have a look here:

Bundles of books and a teabag! All in good condition, all read and enjoyed by my friend – what a great thing to get through the post!

Here’s just a sample of her bundles:

  • The King’s Curse’ and ‘The Taming of the Queen‘ – Philippa Gregory
  • The Little Red Chairs‘ – Edna O’Brien, ‘Lonely‘ – Andrew Michael Hurley
  • Life After Life’ and ‘Started Early Took My Dog‘ – Kate Atkinson

Quite a variety!

Just last week I was writing about books by post, thinking back to the book club my mum belonged to, and how exciting that was when the postman arrived – this isn’t a book club, but it’s still exciting!

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