Afternoon tea week… Saturday special

It’s Saturday in our afternoon tea week – and so far on the cake stand we have scones, cakes and pastries and an open sandwich… but maybe we need some ordinary sandwiches as well! As it is afternoon tea, and therefore something a little special, how about some suggestions from Constance Spry:

  • rolls split lengthwise, the ends cut off, some of the crumb taken out, spread with soft butter mixed with lemon juice, salt and pepper, crushed garlic or french mustard – fillings: banana and mango chutney, and/or fillets of bückling (a hot smoked herring) and dill pickle
  • triple-decker sandwiches – bacon and watercress, bacon and mushrooms, chicken mushrooms and lettuce, asparagus, bacon and toasted cheese
  • cheese bread filled with cheese
  • omelet in a roll – plain, fines herbes, cheese with a tomato salad

Actually, I’m not sure any of them appeal to me… What does Modern Practical Cookery offer:

  • liver sausage thinly sliced and the skin removed
  • minced ham flavoured with a few chopped chives
  • cold scrambled eggs, well seasoned and flavoured with a little chopped pimento

I’m not sure liver sausage is still available – but maybe paté could replace it, minced ham doesn’t sound appealing, and cold scrambled eggs certainly doesn’t! Nor do these other suggestions:

  • banana and jam
  • beef dripping
  • hare and cranberry
  • honey and walnut
  • paste (home-made – fish or meat paste beaten with butter and cooked egg yolks)
  • pineapple
  • sardine
  • tongue
  • tongue and ham

How about these, just culled randomly:

  • avocado and crab
  • chicken tikka
  • cream cheese & raspberries
  • duck  with plum sauce
  • goats cheese and fig
  • quince jelly and really strong cheddar grated
  • smoked salmon and beetroot

I think that might do!!

My featured image is actually of a delightful selection of Turkish pastries and desserts!


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