Dripping in case you don’t know is what is left in the pan when you have roast meat – usually beef, but I guess it can be anything else. On top is the fat – the dripping, but underneath is a delicious meaty jelly. The delicious meaty jelly could be made into soups and stock and also eaten on its own with bread… and so could the dripping… except I never ever liked it!

At home growing up, nothing was wasted and the dripping from the Sunday roast would be decanted into a bowl and used to fry things… people didn’t know about cholesterol but even if they had, they worked hard, walked or biked everywhere, had no central heating, didn’t spend long sedentary hours at home – or at work. We saved the dripping a I mentioned, but neither my parents liked to eat it either on toast or on bread as many people did… so we would give it to friends, neighbours and relatives who did like it. They thought there was nothing nicer than hot toast, dripping and a sprinkle of salt!

One day my aunty dropped in to see us; she was a wonderful, lovely person, and a great enthusiast for everything. Whenever she took her children out she would gather up any of their friends and take them to – out fora walk, on a drive, on a picnic… On this day when she visited, as usual she had a car full of children; they all piled out and we played in the garden while my mum and her sister chatted… maybe they had a cup of tea… I don’t remember!

As she was leaving, mum gave my aunty a big pudding basin full of dripping – she was delighted! she and her family loved it, it was a real treat for them. She put it in the boot of the car,all the children piled back in and off they went for a nice jolly trip somewhere, maybe for a picnic, or maybe to find a wood to walk through, or a river to swim in!

After a lovely day they returned home, the children’s friends all went home, and the family piled into the house for cups of tea and dinner. Maybe it was later that same evening, maybe thinking of supper, that aunty went to collect the big pudding basin of dripping from the car. She opened the boot… the basin was on its side where it had tumbled as she swung round corners. The dripping had melted in the sun and impregnated every inch of carpet in the boot…

That is what i think of when someone mentions dripping!



  1. Rosie Scribblah

    Ychyfi! Lol 😁 What a waste of good dripping. I bought a little pot of it in Swansea Market the other week and spread it on toast with a sprinkle of salt, old school style, except it’s Himalyan pink salt, oooh get me! Then Husb found it in the fridge and scoffed it! I’ll buy the bigger tub next time.

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    1. Lois

      For some reason I just don’t like ti… I do like a lot of very odd things, including tripe and trotters… but somehow the texture of dripping puts my teeth on edge… I’m obviously Missing a treat!


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