OK readers – corner folding or not?

Having been to Tasmanian (and fallen in love and had my heart-broken by leaving) and as I am a reader and a writer, I was interested in this question posed by the Tasmanian Writers Centre about reading… and I was really interested in the replies which were a hundred per cent in agreement (with a couple of caveats)

OK Tasmanian Writers Centre Facebook followers, what’s the rules? Is it acceptable to fold the corner of a page? What about writing notes in the book? Is it still OK if it’s a library book – or is that a pet hate?

  • No, no, no, it is NOT ok!
  • NEVER to both questions!! There are some gorgeous bookmarks available anywhere, or make your own, use as match, tissue, anything at all.
  • Use a bookmark/s. Never, ever, ever write in a library book #hate #karmawillgetyou
  • Haha – yes! No bookmark – well, you need to do something to mark your place! I love it when I come across books with notes in the margin providing insights into someone else’s reading and thinking (but I don’t like underlining in the text). Obviously this level of reading is more appropriate to non-fiction than fiction.
  • What can I say? I love books that have been used, not kept pristine (unless of course they are art books – then I want them pristine!).
  • I laugh at some of my ‘bookmarks’. I currently have a Magnum stick in Fight Like A Girl 😂
  • If you own it, turn corners and scribble at will. I have load of bookmarks, but hate the way they fall out. Corner-turning gets a big ‘yes’ from me.
  • No, never.
  • I would never write or doggy ear a book from the library because it’s not my book. I also, personally, can’t write or doggy ear my books but I also don’t have anything against other people doing it. Writing notes in your book at your favourite pages makes it uniquely yours
  • If it’s yours, do what you will. Personally, I hate folded (dog-eared) pages, may the book gods forgive me for the short time I did this as a young teen. Hand written notes are more appropriate in non fiction, but still not a fan. It isn’t hard to writ…See more
  • Do what you like to your own books, but not to library books!!!!!
  • Just No!
  • Nooooooooo!!!!!!
  • Nope
  • Nope! Go and spend $2 to support a local artist who has a range of bookmarks.
  • I love the luxury of bending the spine and folding corners in my own books but would NEVER do it to one that belonged to someone else! If I borrow a book from my son I practically have to wear gloves and tilt to see the words trapped in the spine!
  • Absolutely NOT, to both questions, especially in Library books. I find it infuriating that someone can be SO ignorant as to believe they can vandalise something which does not belong to them. However, I do believe it’s ok to make notes in one of your own books, especially if it’s a text book you’re studying from.
  • blasphemy!
  • Never, ever in a library book! 😳
  • Never okay!
  • Not ok at all!!
  • Library books should be treated like precious artifacts. Mass market paperbacks are ok to make notes in. You should always use a bookmark!
  • No folding please, and no note-writing… but please leave interesting things as bookmarks in library books, shopping lists for example, or scribbled notes on the back of something else…

So what are your thoughts? I hate corner-folders, even in books I own. I also don’t like finding a book with writing in it – except, a big except, if it is a dedication or greeting in the front, or if it is a very old book. I have actually written a couple of times about things I have found written in books, but I’d never do it myself!

here is something I wrote about lists, about one I found in a cookery book:



  1. Reprobate Typewriter

    I accept that library books are… probably not as pristine as I would prefer. I worked in a library once, and saw the full range of “behaviors” though, so I’d have to classify it as a minor vice. (The worst thing I saw was an art book someone had spit hundreds of sunflower seed shells into. It had to be thrown out, both because of actual damage, and because of possible pathogens.)
    There is no corner folding in my own books, but I will add annotations. (When I was in school, I’d pick textbooks based on how smart the previous notes were. Like getting the book AND a study guide.) I also have some books that have been noted-in by various people I’ve known. They make a very personal souvenir.

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    1. Lois

      I’d forgotten that about school books! Sometimes there would be underlining and exclamation marks over an innocuous phrase and i would puzzle and puzzle over what the significance could be – maybe there was none!!


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