Writing in Stone

I mentioned that a month or so ago a new writing group started up of which I am a proud member. We first met in our local quarry which might sound strange except it stopped working as a quarry many, many, many decades ago. Now it is a small but lovely nature reserve,, with artists studios, a gallery and a café… this is why we call ourselves Writers in Stone!

We met for the third time yesterday and shared fifty-word stories, and then pieces based on a photograph. However we also use the meetings as a forum to share lots of other ideas, plans and ventures. We were very excited about the forthcoming town literary festival and had lots of ideas about events and venues, things we could do and things we would attend if others were doing it.

We also talked and planned for the National Novel Writing Month which starts in November, sharing experiences and thinking about some plans for tackling the challenge of writing fifty thousand words in thirty days.

We also talked about a new thing some of us have come across… bullet journalling… what on earth is that, you might wonder as I did a few days ago…

The Bullet Journal is a customisable and forgiving organisation system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.


I read an article about it, shared it with my daughter and we were thinking about it, then lo and behold, one of the writers mentioned she was interested in it to… we talked about it and now it seems a few of us are going to do it.  I am hopeless at making lists, I don’t like doing it, find they are frustrating because I lose them/don’t tick them off/don’t complete them/can’t read my own writing… And yet, when i am writing I love bullet points! I’m always using them! So could i match the two together? The need for lists and my love of actual bullet points? We shall see… I am now in the process of choosing a journal (yes i could use any old book I already have but…)

here is another interesting article:



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