Can read – won’t read?

You would think it would be difficult to concentrate on listening when someone is screaming their head off.
It might be difficult to concentrate when that someone is lying on the floor holding their hand and screaming.
It was Mr King lying on the floor and the reason he was lying on the floor was that he had two broken legs. That was enough to make anyone scream; but Mr King was holding his hand because it had been shot clean through.
I’m not joking now.
Mr King, Head of English at St Finbarr’s High had been shot through the hand. This was after he had his legs broken.

This is the dramatic and violent opening lines to a novel I wrote for young people when I was teaching. I was working with young people who for various reasons were not in school; these young people were in their last year of education and had just that one year to turn themselves round and pass some exams so they could go on and go into further studies, training or get themselves a job.

Many of these young people were totally turned off anything to do with school and schooling for all sorts of different reasons, and yet most of them were bright, articulate, intelligent and literate… I taught them English and I didn’t have to teach them to read and write, they could do that, and they could do that very well… but they didn’t want to! They could read, but wouldn’t!!

One day I walked into the classroom and told them we were going to do a comprehension – they didn’t mind functional, practical tasks, and we read a piece I had written with some questions at the end… however, we finished the reading and they demanded to know what happened next? I told them I had no idea… it was just a comprehension… However, the next lesson I had a further instalment which they fell on with glee… and so it went ion, they were reading, reading because they wanted to know what happened next.

That first story was ‘Run, Blue, Run!‘ and when it was finished my students wanted more! The extract above is the first lines from the next story ‘Screaming King Harry’. These two stories engaged the students, got them back into reading, the characters they could identify with, the cliff-hanger endings – previously they could read, but wouldn’t – now they wanted to read! It began to get them back into the habit of reading, and it led some of them to rediscover the joy of reading… Of course for some of them it just served a purpose, to get them reading for their exams.

I wrote a further book ‘The Story of Rufus Redmayne’ which was similar but it also told the story (about missing people and were-wolves) through different writing styles,  diary entries, newspaper reports, one act plays etc which for the purposes of my students were examples of the sort of writing they might employ for their exams.

I’m delighted that these books are now available – you can buy them on Etsy! I wrote them for students about to sit exam, students in a particular situation, but these stories would engage younger people too!

Here is a link:

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