Toto, Tutu, tutu, Toto

It was one of those silly conversations… someone said something and then someone sang ‘There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do’ and I joined in – except I thought the line was  There’s nothing that a hungry man or more could ever do’ . At this point my husband (who has been in bands since Noah was a lad) claimed he didn’t know the song at all. Disbelieving, my daughter and I launched into it… he still didn’t know what we were singing (he has said of me that there must be an awful lot of music in me because none has ever come out!)

We tortured ‘It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you… I bless the rains down in Africaaaaaa…’ getting the lyric and the melody somewhat wrong, and eventually husband realised what we were trying to sing. We commented that there aren’t many songs with the words Kilimanjaro, Olympus or Serengeti in them…

We then deviated into talking about the band which had recorded the song in 1982 and had such a success with it, Toto. Of course the dog in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was called Toto but that’s not where the band got their name – it was from the Latin phrase in toto . From that we became a little silly and mentioned Tonto (the Lone Ranger’s trusty companion) Desmond Tutu, ballet tutus… and then we arrived home.

  • I looked up Toto and found that unsurprisingly there other totos too!
  • Toto – a tribe in West Bengal India
  • Toto – a language spoken by Toto tribe members
  • Toto – a mythological Māori chief
  • Toto an area of Nasarawa State Nigeria
  • Toto – a town in Angola
  • Toto – a small community near North Judson Indiana USA
  • The Toto Cup – an association football tournament in Israel
  • “toto” – football pools in several languages
  • Toto of Nepi (died 768) – a Roman strongman
  • Anthony Toto (1498-1554) – an Italian painter and architect
  • Totò (1898-1967) – Antonio De Curtis an Italian comedian actor writer and songwriter
  • Toto Bissainthe (1934-1994) – a Haitian actress and singer
  • Toto Cutugno (born 1943) –   an Italian pop singer-songwriter
  • Totó la Momposina (born 1948) – a Colombian singer
  • Toto Leonidas (born 1960) – a professional poker player
  • Toto Wolff (born 1972) – an Austrian investor and racing car driver
  • Toto Tamuz (born 1988) – a Nigerian-born Israeli footballer

I have to really, don’t I?


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