Predators and newbies!!

I read a lot of books, articles and blogs about writing, about all aspects of writing – how others do it, how others plan and research it, how others try to get their words published/promoted/read by other people… writing for fun, writing for pleasure, writing for profit… I guess I just love everything about my hobby/pastime/craft/passion/life…

I came across a really interesting blog from Anne R. Allen, subtitled ‘ predators are looking for newbies who make these mistakes’  which gives you an idea where she is coming from. It is really interesting, well-written and makes a lot of sense.

I think you can guess from the section headings where she is going – but her advice is above all practical, and she is writing from experience and a knowledge of the industry!

Don’t Fall Prey to Publishing Scams: 7 New Writer Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Writing-in-a-Garret Syndrome
    1. The Nonfiction Garret
    2. The Fiction Garret
  2. Trying to Publish Too Soon
  3. Turning up your Nose at Bestsellers
    1. “They’re all crap.”
    2. “I need to be true to my voice.”
  4. Obsessing about Marketing before you Learn to Write
  5. Expecting to Make Money with a First Book
  6. Writing Novels Exclusively
  7. Partying Like it’s 1999

Even if you just looked at the ‘chapter’ headings you would have to think about your own writing – ‘writing in a garret’ – ivory tower! Turning up your nose – don’t be a snob (the phrase ‘fur coat no drawers’ springs to mind)

Here is a link to Anne’s article – it really is full of good ideas – what has stuck in my mind – If you don’t read blogs, don’t participate in social media and pretend the Internet doesn’t exist, you’re going to walk into the publishing world with “prey” stamped on your forehead… Anne tells it like it is!!


  1. David Lewis

    Met my old friends from work at the bar for our usual Wednesday get together and my pals wife Linda brought me a cake she made. I gave her the nickname Twiggy and she calls me Huey as of Huey Lewis and the News. Better than the nickname Screwy Looey that I was called in school.Great bunch and we talk about a broad spectrum of subjects from science to cooking. Twiggy reads your blog every day and has turned a lot of friends onto it. We all find it hard to believe that our steel plant is still running after all of us geniuses are retired. Shared the cake with the staff and saved a doggy bag for you. Did you ever have a cute nickname?

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