An expert… an expert what?

Thinking about the ’73 challenge (writing a blog for each of 73 random topics or subjects) and working my way through it in the order of the list rather than randomly picking out favourite topics, I have arrived at ‘Expert Advice’. The list was one a friend found on another blog with these suggestions for different types of blogs which could be written, or which were written, it wasn’t suggesting that everyone could write all of them – but that’s exactly what we are attempting to do.

So expert advice… what have I expertise in? I’ve had to really puzzle over this…

  • writing – yes… but I’ve written so many of the blogs about writing and if as my friend and I hope we manage to gather these seventy-three together and publish them as a collection, then it would be a little boring… wouldn’t it?
  • cooking and baking… I’m a home cook and baker, and although I do share recipes and talk about what I make, I am definitely not an expert!
  • blogging… well, as you know, I do blog, but I am not an expert…
  • teaching… that was in my former life… it’s a long time since I did any, and I’m not sure any expertise I did have is still relevant in today’s education system
  • ….um….
  • ….er….
  • … pubs?

My daughter was just passing my room and I asked her what she thought… She suggested writing… and baking… and teaching… and blogging…

I might do or have done all these things, but I either never have been or am no longer an expert in any of them.

How about if I talked to my husband… he is an expert in lots of things:

  • drumming
  • making music
  • different genres of music
  • popular music in the past
  • ships and boats and their history
  • art – doing it, teaching it, knowing about it…
  • model making
  • beer

…and then my daughter said an interesting thing… If I was thinking about giving advice as an expert in some field, why didn’t I write about my experience as an older mum? I was an older mum when my children were born, I still am (an even older  mum of course) now they are adult and independent… What a great idea! Yes, that’s what I will do… I will write and share my thoughts over the next couple of days!

… another ticked off the 73 list!

… and here is a link to my other writing, my paperbacks and e-books:

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