Left overs

We inadvertently got a smaller turkey than normal. It was fine though, tasted good, more than enough for everyone but there wasn’t as much left over as usual. I don’t know why people moan about left over turkey (or any left-overs to be honest!) If having too much left over is such a problem, why not get a smaller bird to begin with?

When we were children, we would have a cold supper in the evening of Christmas Day – cold left overs with pickled onions, piccalilli, pickled walnuts – but I don’t remember us having chutney, it wasn’t something we ate at home. On Boxing day we might have cold meet again with jacket potatoes, and then in the evening either we would go round to our neighbours to play games and have a cold supper, or they would come to us for the same. We swapped year after year as to which neighbours were hosts and which were guests. They had two children the same age as my sister and I so we played board games and the adults would play cards, and at some point in the evening ‘Uncle’ Peter would recite the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. Sometimes our Boxing Day evening were joined by relatives of ours/theirs, and when Peter’s brother Sam was with us, they would both recite it, and sometimes sing some songs too!

Maybe on the day after Boxing Day left-overs would be made into a pie – my Mum’s pastry was second to none and it was a delicious lunch – maybe with mash, or more jacket potatoes, or maybe chipped potatoes – not chips, but chipped, shallow fried until nice and crunchy. My dad wasn’t a fan of bubble and squeak, so any green vegetables went on the compost heap, carrots would go into soup or the pie. If on the day after that, there was still some turkey left, then maybe it would be curried.

I honestly can’t remember ever thinking oh no, not more turkey because it was always so delicious however it was served, hot, cold, pie, curry – and of course all the bones would be made into soup (the giblets neck etc would be boiled to produce gravy)

So this year with our small turkey, there was only enough left over to make into a pie – and I have to say it was a jolly fine pie, although not as good as my mum’s. All the rest of the leftovers became soup. We did have some Christmas pudding left over, but there is never any problem accommodating that!



  1. David Lewis

    I loved going back to work after Christmas because it meant real homemade turkey sandwiches with a container of stuffing on the side and lots of cake.I felt sorry for the bachelors and would always share but they would have to listen to my lecture about marital bliss.Lots of great memories.

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    1. Lois

      Oh turkey sandwiches!! I forgot to mention turkey sandwiches, yes they are the best! I tried to make home-made stuffing this year but it was a bit of a failure… Oh well, try again next year!


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