She had to run, had to get away…

Here is an extract from my novel ‘Loving Judah’; Aislin has been kidnapped but manages to escape – she is high up on a moor, in the dark, in a storm, and Pal, the man who kidnapped her is in pursuit:

He groaned and she punched viciously at his face, and felt his moustache and teeth against her knuckles. She threw her fleece over him and tumbled him into the boot and slammed the lid down. It caught him across the ankle and he screamed and when she slammed it down again  trapping him inside as she had been.

Oh jesus jesus jesus

She was shaking violently with cold and shock.

She ran round to the driver’s side and thank  God he had left the keys in the ignition. She couldn’t start it, The engine kept dying, And all the while Pal shouted and kicked in the boot. The car choked into life and as she put it into gear, her wet foot slipped on the clutch and they stalled. She started again, the engine roaring as she revved it too hard then they jerked forward and as she set off she tried to find the headlights, found the wipers first and then the lights came up, full beam. She crashed into second, accelerating up the bumpy road. She had to turn round but couldn’t try the manoeuvre when she didn’t know where they were. There was a crash behind her and she could hear Pal’s voice cursing her clearly now, he had kicked his way through into the back from the boot.

Aislin stepped on the brake and tried to find the handle to get out. An arm snaked round her throat and she was throttled against the head rest. She thrashed her arm around trying to hit him but he grasped her wrist. She slammed her foot down and they shot forward into the darkness.. Pal was screaming at her to stop, she could say nothing because she was almost passing out, strangled by his forearm.

They glanced off a wall  and then were bouncing madly downhill as they left the road. She was nearly unconscious, stars flashing before her eyes as she struggled to escape Pal.

There was a huge crash as they hit something big and hard and Pal rose up behind her with the force of the impact and the windscreen shattered in front of her.

The car had stalled and she found the door  release and tumbled out.

She fell face first into heather and the smell of peat was clean and good. She scrambled to her knees and then the stink of petrol hit her. She had to run, had to get away, the car was going to catch on fire. It was raining in sheets but that wouldn’t stop the car blowing up, she had seen it in a dozen films.

Pal was still inside.

She called his name but there was no reply. Was he dead, smashed through the windscreen?

He was lying across the front seats, the windscreen was shattered but intact. Aislin called his name but there was no response. His legs were across the driver’s seat, his head in the passenger’s footwell. Not another dead boy, not another dead boy.

She stumbled round to the other side of the car and wrenched the door open. She grasped Pal under the arms, he was lying face down and she had to try to lift him as she pulled and tugged his inert body. He wasn’t tall but he was very heavy. There was a crackle and a huge flash and the sky lit up.

Oh god the car was on fire.

But it was lightning.

She heaved him again and he slid from the car and she had a strange image of something giving birth and the new-born slithering into the world.

She began to drag him across the heather, falling every second step as she tripped.

Then suddenly there was nothing beneath her feet and she was tumbling, rolling with Pal across her. They landed on stone and he groaned as he landed heavily.

“Are you alright?” she cried stupidly. “Pal, are you alright?”

“You bitch!” and he lunged up at her.

If you want to find out if Aislin escapes this predicament, or how she got into it, here is a link to my book:

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