I hate wasting things

I guess it’s the way I’ve been brought up, but I hate wasting things…

  • The jumper with a hole in it… it was quite expensive when I bought it, I don’t actually really like it that much but I could still wear it under a coat or doing the gardening – Stop!! Stop right there! You have loads of jumpers! You don’t need to hang on to one with a hole in that you don’t like! But it still has some wear in it yet…  Throw it out! And as for the other jumpers if you don’t like some of them and never wear them because you don’t like them/they don’t fit/they are a horrible colour – throw them out too!
  • The left over bit of pastry… I could make some jam tarts tomorrow, or maybe some mince pies – No!  No! No! You know that wrapping that pastry and putting it in the fridge is a waste of whatever you’re wrapping it in (I hope it’s not plastic) But the family would like some jam tarts or mince pies… They are all on diets, we have no mincemeat, and anyway there is only enough pastry to make three and a half tarts or one and a half mince pies with a nub of pastry still left…  But… No buts because you know you will forget the bit of pastry, or will be to busy,and in a fortnight’s time you will find a mouldering blue-grey lump of something which will go straight  in the bin – just throw it in the recycling bin now!
  • This white piece of cardboard which was in some packaging, it might be useful – No! Look at it! What are you thinking? That you will paint a masterpiece on it? No! Just put it in the right bin, don’t be so silly.
  • This piece of wrapping paper from my birthday… if I cut the sellotape off and ironed the – absolutely not! Your mother-in-law might have done that during the war, but you are never going to have a present to wrap which needs that size, also whoever you give it to will see that it’s already been used – they might admire your economy but they will think  you are strange –  they think I’m strange anyway – just put it in the paper recycling
  • These jeans…  do they fit? No? No. They are never going to fit again and if they ever by some miracle do, you won’t like the colour or style –  Hey! I’m not that fussy!  Yes you are; put them in the charity shop bag.
  • I’ve got some important look screws… I’m not sure what they are from…  Where did you find them and how long had been there? At the back of the drawer? I don’t think they are that important – if no-one in the house knows what they are for… and while you’re doing that, the phone lead which fits no phone, that can go with the screws into the correct recycling.
  • Half-melted candle? It’s covered in fluff and you hated the smell of it, that’s why it’s only half used – bin!
  • This bit of paper with a number on it?  Are you having a laugh? Good grief!!!
  • Christmas card from Neville and Sonia…  You don’t even know who they are, none of you has ever had a friend or acquaintance called Neville, and or Sonia… But the picture…  It’s not cute, it’s not Christmassy, it’s not great art… You know what to do with it, do it!
  • Broken cup… heaven help me…

I have to be very strict with myself…


  1. jenbobble

    I had a declutter in my bedroom on sunday. It was meant to be 15 minute tidy. 3.5 hours later and I had gone through everything. And applied the have I used it in 6 months rule? Except for clothes and shoes or handbags….thats the struggle for me. 🙂

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    1. Lois

      Hahaha… I even hoard things on the computer – all the little nonsense things I’ve written but might come in useful, all the rubbish photos… I must get a grip! (if you looked inside my head it would be even worse!!)


  2. David Lewis

    I’ve got underwear that’s 30 years old that has not been worn in 28 years. Ooh and 3 wedding rings. Must take them to the pawnshop today, price of gold what it is!

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